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Lydia (Heera) Cattani is a Yoga Australia senior teacher, with over 35 years experience.

In her early 20’s she starts the practice of Hatha Yoga in Italy (her birth country), in combination with dance, mime and improvisation with Pina Scognamiglio (yoga teacher, visual artist and choreographer).

Those years (1980’s) are years of confusion and strong changes in both her family and society, and yoga and creativity represents a radical turning point, a profound “therapy” based on “feeling” and “expressing” from the heart. The first touch of freedom!

In her journey she meets teachers and teachings who had offered a practice based on a path of liberation through kindness, respect and love. This happenes along her yoga training (1985 to 1988), with Vipassana Meditation (from Insight Meditation in Italy and then in Australia to whom goes deep gratitude in particular to Corrado Pensa, Christhpher Titmuss and Radha Nicholson, zen master Thich Nath Hanh).

Later in the Yoga field she meets, studies and feels great resonance and inspiration with Sandra Sabatini (author of the poetic book “Breath the Essence of Yoga”) who has spread the magic of “Scaravelli approach” and with Donna Farhi (author of many beautiful and thorough books as “Pathways of a Centered Body”).
In the last few years Heera has focused her personal practice to the iRest meditation and its principles. She has been trained by lovely Fuyuko Sawamura Toyota . Heera is a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher and she feels profound gratitude to the founder of iRest: Richard Miller

Heera has been a Craniosacral therapist and teacher since early 1990’s. Certified in Craniosacral Balancing in mid 90’s and Craniosacral Bodynamic in 2006. Before that she has studied other modalities of body work, but, the gentleness, depth and effectiveness of this therapy made her really and completely in to it.

Yoga, iRest and Craniosacral are more than just complementary practices and/or journey of healing, for her they share profound principles. In calming the nervous system down iRest Yoga Nidra and Craniosacral spring out from the non dual wisdom in which we can recognise the underlying Mystery of Life in all its embodied manifestations.

A big thanks goes not only to all her teachers and  the teachings but also to numerous spiritual friends and to the teaching of Life in itself

Following an optic neuritis she lost completely her sight in 3 days at age 27. Through various therapies and the application of Natural Vision principles she reacquired some functional vision. The experience of blindness and the present visual impairment (less than 10% one eye only) has contributed to abide the inner space of Being and to enhance her way of sensing and feeling.

The common thread of the three modalities that she likes to offer is:

  • the kindness approach that resonates with the inherent kindness of our essential nature beyond any conditioning,
  • the slowing down attitude (in Craniosacral the tuning in with the slowest physiological rhythms in the body) through which it is possible to touch our self as Being,
  • the movements and stillness as expressions available to reveal the deepest Presence as the source of  true Health and Wellbeing.
  • the experience of resting in wonder

Heera offers the practice of Craniosacral, yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra to groups and to individuals.

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