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CRANIOSACRAL is a gentle, respectful yet powerful hands on body practice.
The body loves gentleness and that’s why body and mind respond so well to Craniosacral! For these qualities that are unfolding within the slowest physiological expressions, craniosacral can be for both, practitioner and client, an experience of deep relaxation and meditation in which healing takes place.

The origin of this practice might be very ancient, however, we can find the foundation of it through the insightful study of Dr. Sutherland at the end of XIX century. Coming from a scientific background of osteopathy, Dr.Sutherland discovered something that goes beyond the bones of the cranium, spine and sacrum. There are movements within the solidity of the physical body; what moves all of this, what’s this spark within? Fluid within the fluids he says and the Breath of Life with its embodied manifestations. These essential points are the focus of his work, palpation, and way of healing.

The Craniosacral system is anatomically speaking, the link between the skeletal system and the central nervous system, made of protective membranes and nourishing fluids and it expresses it self with the most subtle and slow physiological motions within the body: rhythms and tides. In this sense it is a way to access our deepest resources, the vibrational source of Life itself.

With a very delicate touch/palpation, we work with tissues and bones, with fluids and membranes, with nerves and indirectly with the central nervous system; the practice allows the disclosing of the different layers of our being as they just manifest themselves and the whole at the same time; the practitioner’s attention opens to the local and to the unified field of perception, always carried by the underlying driving force of Life itself . This is what gives craniosacral the feeling of a type of energy work. In reality it is both and we can’t make a separation between the physical and not physical, the solid and not solid, the fluidity and beyond. That’s why, it often happens that people are coming for a physical aching and during and/or as a result of a treatment as well as feeling more at ease physically, there is a release of emotion or mental tension, or a deep insight: the layer behind the physical discomfort.

Everything is sensed in an unfolding dance of subtle movements and stillness. The approach as well as the response of a Craniosacral treatment is based on our inherent wholeness. The practitioner’s task is to promote orientation in the wholeness and through its source facilitate delicate intentions where spontaneous re-balance and alignment occurs. The release of tensions and the sense of inner peace in body, mind and spirit comes to light.

The practitioner’s hands are just the tactile manifestation of the heart centred attitude of listening, sensing, welcoming and meeting what is present in the client’s body.

As the palpation is not separate from the underlying physiological slow movements in the body it facilitates the activities of the parasympathetic nervous system and the increasing or those brain waves (in particular Theta and Delta) associated with healing processes. This means: cortisol production decreases, tissue restores and repairs. There is an enhancement of healthier metabolism, concentration, better mood and a sense of general wellbeing.

Craniosacral is a wonderful modality to experience stillness:
“stillness is a powerful therapeutic force that focuses us, that heals people, that transmutes. Silence is full of being, full of the essential nature and the power to embody ” Dr. James jealous

What is Craniosacral good for?
Any person at any age (from newborn to elderly) can actually benefit from Craniosacral and there are many and different reasons for this as it helps with physical and/or emotional and mental discomfort and disorder
People are looking for a Craniosacral session usually and mainly for the following:
– neck and back pain
– shoulder, hip or other joint injury
– TMJ issue, clenching and grinding teeth
– head injury (post car accident or fall etc)
– vertigo and dizziness
– headaches
– stress and anxiety
– depression
– pregnancy
– post birthing issues (for both mother and child)
– learning difficulties and dyslexia
– vision issues
– trigeminal discomfort

People receiving Craniosacral report:
– a reduction or disappearing of physical aching/discomfort
– a general sense of being more at ease
– more grounded and calm
– in a better and happier mood
– better sleep
– increase of concentration and focus
– improvement in the digestive system
– better endocrine system function
– resiliency

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Lydia (Heera) Cattani is a Craniosacral Practitioner with over 35 years experience.

Over the years, I have found Heera to be an intuitive, compassionate and genuine practitioner.
I have an eye condition which Heera has been able to affirm and maintain, which has enabled me to continue with my driver’s licence. Beside the specific issue, I found great benefit from the sessions for my general wellbeing

Tom Anderson

Heera is a wonderful, sensitive practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy. I think Heera is worth her weight in gold and consider her my Health Insurance!!!

Astralina Astarte

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