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“From the very first time I stepped on the Path of Yoga it helped me to develop a great sense of intimacy: as the closest companion, the feeling of Oneness with its infusing aroma of love filled and fills the moments of light and joy as well as the moments of darkness and despair. It is That who nourishes courage when there is fear, it is That who lets me touch freedom when there is constriction and conditioning.

Along and beyond technique, poses and movements, in formal practice as in daily life, this is what I like to share.”

“Core Restoration Yoga” classes and/or workshops:
are based on an exploration of the “core” in a wide meaning perspective, core as central nervous system, core as midline and spine, core as abdominal core muscles, soft core, core as breath and Breath of Life.

In the practice there is an alternating of movements and stillness while restoring in the very centre of our Being.

In these classes students learn some anatomical understanding through their own somatic experience; the practice unfolding through an attitude of deep loving kindness. The instructions are just an invitation to feel, sense and eventually move in a way that resonates with the present situation of the student’s body. This helps to generate a sense of safety with themselves, being at ease in both moments: when strengthening and when releasing.
These classes are beneficial for everyone and especially for women who would like to empower themselves and cultivate grounding, physical and emotional stability and strength besides and beyond the inherent aspect of fitness.

Yoga Body sensing in movement and stillness:
this practice has been developed from iRest meditation and is a unique approach to meditation that uses the body as an entry point to embracing the fullness of our humanness and our spiritual essence.

With a non dual approach in which everything is included and nothing rejected, these classes unfold with no need to relax or to stretch or to strengthen or to achieve a particular pose. It is rather an opening to listen, to feel and to welcome what is present just as it is: a body sensation, resistances, breath, a belief, tension, expansion… moment to moment, an unravelling of energy, an unwinding of the physical body in which a shift can spontaneously happen. It’s about opening slowly, slowly different doors that in the end bring one into silence, the deepest source of Energy that blossoms when abiding in and as just Being.
This process can occur while the body is still as well as when it is in movement.
Also the person is free to move or just to feel sensations while imagining to move and this is particularly effective when an injury is in place. The accent is very much on welcoming whatever arises in awareness. The student is also invited to feel into the spaciousness and silence of pure Presence or Awareness itself in which body/mind movements and stillness are unfolding and are contained. This aspect of the practice touches the deepest resource of Oneness and allow the feeling of resting in wonder, no matter what.

Classes of Core restoration Yoga and Body sensing in movement and stillness always begin with an observation of the spontaneous breath that might follow with some specific breathing practices. As Sandra Sabatini says “the breath is the key that can open thousands of doors — an infinitesimal but incredibly powerful laser capable of removing layers of encrustation”

For the quality of respect and gentleness these classes (both “Core Restoration Yoga” and “Body sensing in movement and stillness) are indicated for everyone including those who might have experienced physical and/or emotional pain or trauma.

I really enjoy the practice of Yoga with Heera. It feels easy and it is very gentle but makes a huge difference to my body and my whole life really. The breathing especially helped me turn around some health issues and the benefits of a clearer mind and stronger more flexible body permeate through my life.

Lisa Christophersen

What I learn in yoga classes and iRest yoga nidra meditation with Heera is the most precious I have ever had for my current stage of life. Something that I haven’t found before with any practice: it is the level of respect that is towards my body and my whole self.

Carolina Luz

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